Trademarkology: The Law of the Brand

Trademarkology: The Law of the Brand

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Trademarks and Bankruptcy Revisited

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Over a year ago, we wrote about the intersection between trademarks and bankruptcy. Specifically, we described a scenario in which a licensor files bankruptcy and chooses to ‘reject’ the license agreement. Under the Bankruptcy Code, the licensee may continue to exercise its rights (and carry out its corresponding duties) with respect to all intellectual property… Continue Reading

Live from Hong Kong: 7-11, McDonald’s, and Apple

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Trademarkology is coming to you live from Hong Kong today! I’m attending the International Trademark Association Annual Meeting in Hong Kong, and it has been quite an experience so far. While most of my week here has involved rushing around to meet with associates and attend seminars, I’ve also been trying to experience the local… Continue Reading