Trademarkology: The Law of the Brand

Trademarkology: The Law of the Brand

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Friendly Foes–Trademark Cease and Desist Letters Are Filled with Humor These Days

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A familiar adage teaches that one catches more flies with honey than with vinegar. Without in any way implying that infringers are flies, we can apply this lesson to the trademark context. It seems that trademark attorneys enforcing their clients’ rights have really taken this wisdom to heart in recent years. With increasing frequency, trademark… Continue Reading

Art Imitates Life. Life Imitates….Trademarks?

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What’s your favorite trademark? Would you name your child after it? Naming children after favorite brands was spotted as a trend over a decade ago in the U.S.: But apparently the practice is not so popular everywhere. Last month, a French court barred parents from naming their daughter “Nutella” after the delicious chocolate/hazelnut spread.… Continue Reading