Trademarkology: The Law of the Brand

Trademarkology: The Law of the Brand

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Good Intentions

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We are two weeks into 2018. Have you kept your new year’s resolutions so far? If you are like me, you have good intentions, but that may be all you have. If one of your intentions this year is to use a new mark with a good or service (or to begin using an existing… Continue Reading

Rebuilding Goodwill

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A week ago last Sunday, millions of Americans watched The Oscars. As everyone now knows, “Moonlight” won the best picture award, but only after “La La Land” was first accidentally announced as the winner. Also, as many people now know, this mistake occurred because an envelope was misdelivered by one of the co-ballot leaders from… Continue Reading

Pat Summitt: A Brand That Lives On

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  I had nearly completed a blog post that I intended to publish today—a post actually about trademarks, branding, and intellectual property—but, when the news of Pat Summitt’s death broke early this morning, I decided to put it aside and take some time to honor her memory.   Like many athletic girls who grew up… Continue Reading

When Brands Go Bad

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Have you ever looked at a product and thought, “what an awful name”?   If you did, I bet you did not buy that product.  A good name for your business or product is essential to success.  The recipe for finding this golden nugget involves equal parts creativity and research.  On the creative side, you have… Continue Reading

For a Limited Time Only….

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Hallowe’en is only a few days away. That means there is limited time left to get your favorite Monster Cereals from the grocery store! General Mills’ Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry cereals are only a few years older than I am.[1] (Not the boxes in my pantry; the original brands.) So these annual… Continue Reading

The Market is Ripe for Disruptive New Companies

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Earlier this week Gallup reported that only half of 18 million people it surveyed “believe that the companies they do business with always deliver on what they promise.”  The article also reported that only 38% of respondents were fully engaged brand ambassadors for the companies they were asked about, while 62% of respondents were open… Continue Reading

Rebuilding a Brand: PALM to Rise Again?

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Move over, iPhone and step aside, Blackberry. It looks like we are about to see the revival of the PALM brand for a wireless device.  If you go to the website, you’ll see this teaser: I hadn’t heard anything about Palm for years. I’d traded in my stylus for the convenient use of my fingertip.… Continue Reading

Stretching Trademark Law

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Hi. I’m Mari-Elise, and I’m your newest Trademarkologist. Allow me to quickly introduce myself. My favorite things include practicing trademark law, cooking, University of Louisville athletics, and coffee. Oh, and I LOVE yoga. I’m completely hooked — on Bikram, in particular. For those of you unfamilar with Bikram Yoga, yogi Bikram Choudhury created the “Bikram” style of hot yoga, which… Continue Reading

Build Your Brand With Unique Product Packaging

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When most people think about trademarks, they think about names, slogans, and logos. Product packaging or “trade dress” can also be protected as trademarks as long as it identifies the source or quality of a product. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, and one of the world’s most famous product configurations was developed nearby in Lynchburg,… Continue Reading

Maximize Your Federal Trademark Rights by Filing Early

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In my last post, I discussed how Coca-Cola takes advantage of the tremendous bang for the buck provided by federal trademark registrations by filing frequently. An ordinary can of Coke is protected by no less than 10 federal trademark registrations. Another important lesson that can be learned from Coca-Cola is to file early. There are not… Continue Reading