Trademarkology: The Law of the Brand

Trademarkology: The Law of the Brand

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A Tale of Two Ales

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“Here’s to alcohol: the cause of, and answer to, all of life’s problems.”  Matt Groening The former is certainly true for Lagunitas Brewing Company.  Lagunitas is dealing with a PR headache worse than the worst hangover after it sued Sierra Nevada Brewing Company for infringement of various “IPA” trademarks owned by Lagunitas.  For you teetotalers… Continue Reading

The Lucasfilm Empire Strikes Bock Beer

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Lucasfilm, Ltd., filed an opposition to Walton Street Brewing Corp.’s application to register the mark EMPIRE STRIKES BOCK for ale and beer. Just kidding; it wasn’t a long time ago, and it wasn’t in a galaxy far, far away. The opposition was filed earlier this month… Continue Reading

The 7th Consideration- Prepare Your Trademarks for Agent Battle

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Deep in the recesses of the federal government in a department of which few have heard, is as even lesser-known government agent, who simply goes by “Battle.” He is an independent operator–the only man tasked with a critical mission. That mission? Reviewing the 30,000 or so beer label applications that are filed each year with… Continue Reading

Anheuser-Busch Lays Claim To “Natty” For Beer But What About “Natty Boh”?

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The latest “brewhaha” over trademark bullying erupted last month when Anheuser-Busch opposed the trademark application for NATTY GREENE’S filed by North Carolina craft brewer Natty Greene’s Brewing Company. Anheuser-Busch claims superior rights in all NATTY trademarks for beer based on its pre-existing NATTY LIGHT trademark registration. “Natty Light” refers to the Natural Light brand of beer, which… Continue Reading